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Islamorada, Key West

En route to Key West, my husband and I spent some time in beautiful Islamorada (pronounced eye-lah-mah-rah-dah ), also known as the 'Village of Islands'. It holds the distinction of being the sport fishing capital of the world, pioneers in backcountry sport fishing and saltwater fly-fishing.

Islamorada definitely merits more time, many local sights to see, but we just wanted to spend our afternoon on the beach and evening in the tiki bar. It's easy to loose track of time here, which is ironic because we literally had to keep an eye on the clock, albeit a lazy one, to stay on schedule.

Quick fact:

Islamorada is approximately 1hr 45mins from Key West.


Theater of the Sea

Robbie's Marina

History of Diving Museum

World Wide Sportsman Bayside Marina


Zane Grey

Islamorada Fish Company

Location: Islamorada, Key West

Photos: Maanasi & Sri

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