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Macy's 'Once Upon a Springtime' Flower Show

Every year, for a two-week period, the Macy’s marquee stores in New York, Chicago and San Francisco welcome spring with an extravagant, visually stunning Flower Show. This tradition goes way back to 1946 when the Flower Show was first launched. The Macy's Flower Show is produced by Macy's Parade & Entertainment Group. The same team that is behind the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and the 4th of July Fireworks.

This year’s theme is Once Upon a Spring Time, inclusive of an original fairytale created by Macy’s for the event. Large, beautiful floral installations, millions of live flowers in beautiful garden settings amidst the store's merchandize, and intricate topiary are some of the most impressive features of this event. Each installation is so well conceived and executed. The story behind the theme is seamlessly conveyed inside the busy urban shopping space.

Here are a few photos from Macy's flagship store in NYC, if you'd like to see.

Gorgeous blooms in the Broadway windows
Kingdom of Spring
Showstopper: The Flower Breathing Dragon!
A setting from the Ladybug Tea Garden
A setting from the Ladybug Tea Garden

Event - Macy's Flower Show

Date - March 25 - April 8, 2018.

Cost - FREE

Location - Macy's at Herald Square in New York City

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