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Spring Blooms at Longwood Gardens

The Garden plants hundreds of thousands of bulbs, including daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips purchased from Holland each October in preparation for Spring Blooms. The result “is a tapestry of more than 200 varieties of gorgeous tulips of all bloom types, including single blooms, double blooms, and fringed, as well as flamed varieties that display the color breaks so prized by the Dutch and have been bred to remain stable."

A couple weeks ago, I visited the exquisite Longwood Gardens at Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and what an wonderful horticultural delight it was! It has 1,077 acres of gardens, woodlands and meadows; over 245,000 spring bulbs in bloom in Idea Garden and Flower Garden Walk; 145,000 tulips in bloom; native azaleas and foam-flowers throughout Peirce's Woods; flowering trees and dainty herbaceous plants canopy Meadow Garden...

Need I say more? Here are some photos from my visit to Longwood Gardens, if you'd like to see...

The Peirce-du Pont House, the oldest building at Longwood Gardens now contains the Longwood Heritage Exhibit.

Location: Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

Photos: Maanasi & Sri

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