• Maanasi Sridhar

"A world of grief and pain, flowers bloom, even then."

This damn virus has brought life to a stand still. It knows no boundaries. It ravages the world bringing us to our knees. The heartache and tears shed by families unable to be near their loved ones, even to say their final goodbyes, is just too much to bear.

On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Even when the situation seems insurmountable health care and frontline workers in the US and around the world are working tirelessly. Their service and sacrifice could never be repaid.

I've always turned to nature for solace, especially now it seems more pertinent than ever as my mind is inundated by thoughts of fear, chaos and grief this pandemic has brought upon us. Over the past few weeks the cherry blossom trees transformed into a beautiful pink and white canopy. Although ephemeral in nature, these beautiful blooms brought a momentary calmness to the mind. We all need some moments of calm from this storm spreading across the world, hope you found yours today. Stay safe.

A world of grief and pain,

Flowers bloom,

Even then.


Photos: Maanasi & Sri